Goldi Green    Breaking barriers – Breaking myths   Solar PV is recognized as creating more jobs per unit of energy produced than any other energy source; potentially representing a much needed solution to unemployment in the face of India's burgeoning population and labour force.   It is a myth that the solar industry requires highly skilled and qualified personnel.   Goldi has taken up the opportunity to train and employ the tribal youth and indirectly elevate their status in society. Goldi c...Read more
Goldi Green    Why do many Project Developers insist on buying modules manufactured only from Tier-1 companies? Simply because, they are under the impression that Tier-1 module manufacturing companies provide quality modules. But are modules manufactured by Tier-1 companies the ultimate end of your search for quality modules? To understand how much truth is buried in this assumption, we need to first understand the criteria that a module manufacturer would have to fulfill, to call itself a Tier-1 company and a...Read more
Goldi Green    PERC technology – A brief introduction There has been a lot of talk about PERC technology which has attracted attention of many small and big manufacturers all around the world. What is this technology and why has it become a sensation? How can it benefit the solar industry? This article strives to explain these questions in a very simple yet informative way. What exactly does PERC mean? PERC stands for Passivated Emitter Rear Cell, Passivated Emitter Rear Contact or even Passivated Emitte...Read more
Goldi Green    Calculating the size of a grid-tied solar PV system and it's benefits. Solar PV is considered to be one of the greatest environment friendly inventions. The cost of electricity generated from solar panels has reached parity with the cheapest non-renewable power source i.e. coal. Solar panels have a performance warranty of 25 years and require no maintenance. Once installed you just need to clean the surface with water. In spite of all these benefits there are very few people who are willing to ...Read more
Goldi Green    Anti – soiling solutions: Cost V/s benefit Abstract: The output of power delivered from a photovoltaic module highly depends on the amount of irradiance, which reaches the solar cells. Environment is one of the contributing parameters which directly affects the photovoltaic performance. In this blog post we will be explaining how a solar module’s performance is affected in different regions of the world because of soiling on its surface; the worst affected being India and the Middle East. ...Read more
Goldi Green    Micro grids - A brief outline. Climate change has become one of the most serious concerns of people across the globe, and to address this, various treaties and policies are formed. India, the world’s fourth-largest carbon emitter with its population of 1.3 billion people, ratified the Paris agreement on climate change to become the 62nd nation to join the deal. India has already submitted an action plan which aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 33-35% by 2030. India is now moving forward ...Read more
Goldi Green    How to calculate the size of an off-grid solar system to be installed? An off-grid solar system has three important components: Solar Panel, Inverter & Battery. Some people find it difficult to understand the size of the inverter they require, how to calculate the battery back-up and how many solar panels to buy. It is very important for the customer to have a basic knowledge about these three components to avoid being misinformed. Please have a look at the connection diagram to have a bet...Read more
Goldi Green    PID – Potential Induced Degradation There have been many inquiries from clients to confirm whether the modules they will buy are PID free? PID occurs in systems where there is a high negative potential relative to earth. This happens if the negative pole of the inverter is ungrounded. Higher voltage systems like 1500Vdc are becoming more common due to recent legislation and the effect of PID on modules multiplies under large potential voltage difference. PID does not occur in grounded syst...Read more
Goldi Green    With the decrease in module prices, attention has shifted to decrease the system cost from other components like BOS, combiner boxes etc. To lower the costs for large scale utility projects, EPCs are eyeing to install 1500V modules. What exactly are 1500V modules? 1500V modules lead to longer string length and thereby use fewer components as compared to conventional power plants. Why is there a need for 1500V modules? Module prices have come down faster than inverter and electrical balance...Read more